Thursday, July 16, 2009

A rather bumbly post

Good morning my friends in blog world! Hope your week has been going great for you and that you've got a fun-filled weekend ahead of you. I've been having a blast lately, working on trying new crafts and browsing through several drool -worthy Etsy shops. At the risk of scaring you all off with using the dreaded "C" word in another post, I've decided that I'm going to try to make dolls for my nieces for Christmas. It'll be a fun challenge and I hope that they'll cherish the dolls as much as I cherish the one my great grandmother made for me. Speaking of dolls I want you to meet my first attempts at some funky Halloween buddies:

This is Max. He's one crazy black cat and I have to admit he's grown on me quite a bit since I made him.

This is Max and Edgar. Edgar was my first attempt and I thought he was going to turn out horribly, but surprisingly even with the bunching around the eyes(I need to get an embroidery hoop so that hopefully won't happen again) he ended up being pretty cute. What do you guys think?

Well I think that's all for today. I apologize for the rather bumbling post, but I'm too excited to sit here much longer and I'm ready to dive right back into working on new projects. Have a great one!


Angie Ledbetter said...

Those are presh! I could never make those....because then I'd start doing accessories -- black witch hats, little brooms, Halloween messenger bags, companion jack-o-lanterns...See what I mean? :)

Paradox said...

This is Cool... :) ! You are amazing... <3 !