Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What, oh what, to say???

For the past couple of days, I have been wracking my brain trying to think up some interesting topic to share with you and yet, even now...everything seems so self-centered...so pointless. Do I talk to you about how I just found out that I can't run my microwave and coffee pot at the same time(my soup is only lukewarm, but at least I'll have my much needed mug of hot tea)? Do I tell you about how I've become obsessed with tea and all the comforts a cup of it tends to engender in me? Do I talk about how bleary the days seem here and that I have begun to wonder if the sun will ever show his head out from behind the clouds again? Do I opine about how my sedentary lifestyle is robbing me of my health and that I have been ill so much this year that I can count on one hand, the days that I've actually felt whole? Or do I mention that I'm so weary of my lack of day-to-day interaction with anyone other than my husband, that I'm sure that only my meds have kept me from losing my mind? No...no...I'm tired of hearing my own complaining and self-centered views. I want to hear more about you all...and that's partly why I've been trying to catch up on your blogs(some of you, I haven't been able to visit as I would like to, due to my silly lap-top being a near antique) instead of posting anything of my own. I like to hear about your day and your thoughts on whatever it is that interests you. I guess you could say, I'm becoming a better listener than a speaker. So, are you all looking forward to the holidays? Will you be seeing family, friends? Do you have any traditions that you look forward to each year? What about memories of holidays past? Anyone that you miss this time of year? I look forward to hearing about it all and I ask your indulgence if I don't speak up quite as much as I have in the past. I'm trying a little experiment of living outside myself and not focusing so much on my own concerns. Hope you all will have a great day!


Angie Ledbetter said...

My days are a blur of trying to take care of things at my house and my parents'. I hope you get outside with those cute furbabies in your sidebar and enjoy the day. Hugs

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Life is not too bad. If I overlook the one daughter who's making huge boo-boos; and the other one who nearly chopped her finger off at work the other night; and the 2 students who were sick last week; and the fear of my workplace closing; and my health going down while my weight goes up & how violently my body reacts when I exercise (kness giving out, back pains, carpal tunnel).

So, yes, I do overlook those things. And I focus on how beautiful the weather still is (14 deg Cel here today); and how tomorrow is a day off; and I'm going to compose my Xmas letter soon (always fun); and I get to put my Xmas wreath up after Thursday; and I have some favorite TV shows coming on & my warm jammies and my cup of tea; and how I have the love of a great God who'll always take care of me and some great children (in spite of their stupid ways).

So, yeah! Life is good! Thanks for asking, Anita!

Linda said...

We will be heading up to vising the kids and grandbabies the week before Thanksgiving, and then we'll spend a quiet holiday at home. We're looking forward to it!