Monday, May 18, 2009

Because of the night...

A soft wind lifted up the branches and caused leaves to dance with cloud and stars. I lay on our back patio and stared up into the night sky, awash in thought and the illusion of thousands of years falling away. I was an Egyptian princess lost in the night...whispering out the name of my lover and with it the magical incantations to bring him to my arms. The stars overhead circle the sky and the moon lends her wings to my lover's feet. He is there suddenly, standing before me...looking deeply into my painted eyes and as our breathes mingle he calls my name. Bam...back thousands of years and I am once again me...happy wife of a loving man...half sphinx and half woman...a modern girl connecting in heart to the woman of long ago that loved her man and under the same night sky that saw it all.

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