Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thoughtful Thursdays

Every Thursday morning, at the chapel here on base, there is a wonderful group of women that get together and study the Bible. I began joining in with the group about a month or so ago and at first saw it merely as a way of getting out of the house and meeting new people. Now, however, I feel so blessed to have this opportunity and I believe that it's helped to change and renew my heart and my outlook on life. I grew up in church, as my father was a minister for many years, but after my parent's divorce I strayed away from it. I was angry and hurt and felt the whole thing was just one big hypocritical mess. I did try to go back a year or so ago, but neither the dear husband nor myself felt totally comfortable, but somehow it just works here. I spend all week looking forward to Thursday mornings and the chance to fellowship with a fantastic group of women. That's partly why, when I woke up this morning, still heavy with worry and despair over the possibility that my husband may not come home this weekend, I knew I had to pray and give the whole issue over to God. I am thrilled and grateful to report that since doing so, I have felt nothing but a sense of peace and I know that no matter what may happen, God will work it all out for the best! What a blessing and what hope! It is my hope and prayer that as you all go through the rest of your week and weekend, that God will watch over you, bless you, and guide you in all your paths! Have a wonderful day and know that even if the whole world despises you...God loves you!

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