Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gone DogFishin'

* I know that I promised to post the results from "Silly Picture Day" last night, and didn't, but I do promise to get them up tomorrow. Right now though, I just had to brag about our adventures in the growing sport of dogfishing.
You know it'll be a great day for dogfishing when the morning sky is cloaked in billowy waves of rosy-hued cotton and the mourning doves, seagulls, and blackbirds are joined in three part harmony. The dear husband and I rose from our bed, with eager anticipation for what the day might bring and after a few hours spent beach-combing for the ever elusive gold doubloon, we headed on back to try to get in a few hours of dogfishing. Now the sport of dogfishing is a fairly new event and requires relatively small capital for the initial investment.

Now, you'll want to purchase a time tested lure, such as the one you see above. Usually the furrier and squeaker the lure, the better the dogfish like them. I've yet to see one that can resist the charms of such a lure for too long! Oh and don't worry about hooks or any other such nonsense, since dogfish(or it's latin name fishiuscaninus) have pretty strong teeth and once they've sunk those babies into your lure...all you have to do is reel them on in!

Next, you'll want to find you the cosiest and most comfortable couch or chair in your very own living room. The best dogfishing spots tend to be in the living rooms or family rooms of your own home, so no real travel costs there! And hey...you'll always have a place keep those cold beverages too!If it seems like you just can't get a nibble, no matter how hard you might try...DON'T GIVE UP HOPE!! Sometimes dogfishing can be slow going, so that's why it's important to also bring along either a book, the radio, or even that ole idiot box, the T.V. But make sure that you don't get too involved in any of those things because dogfishing is a sport where the more attention you pay to it, the better it pays off!Before you know it...your diligence and patience will pay off and suddenly there will be a flurry of activity. The dogfish will start to show a great deal of interest and might even decide to take the bait!Be careful however, not to be too eager to reel the dogfish in, because that tends to scare them away! The bigger ones are the most cautious and have been around just a big longer than the rest of them.Whether it's the small and agile dogfish that you catch.....or the bigger, trickery ones....you can't get a bad one in the bunch when you've gone dogfishin'! Why not give it a try today!

*Paid for by the association of dogfishersRus

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