Monday, May 11, 2009

Something to tide you over...

Because I'm sure you all can't wait for the photos...I knew it might be a good idea to leave you with a little something:


No one even remembers what started it all, but the Great Puppy Wars of Twenty-09 were the puppy wars to end all puppy wars. It was between the:


And the....


Both sides fought, tumbled, crashed, crawled, fumbled, pillaged, and plundered....

The wars raged on and just when it seemed as if there were no hope left in sight...the Masterowni stepped in:

And taught the Bedguardias and the Couchsleepians how to live in peace and harmony....

THE END.....OR IS IT????!!!!!!!


Carmen Gamble said...

LOL! Only time will tell!

Doris the Great said...

What talent you possess! EPIC NOVEL COMING ON! I can sense it!

It'll be eaten up by the New York Times, eventually made into a movie; Oscar buzzed! They'll appear on Letterman and Ellen! Fame will be quick!

But wait! Sadly, both Bedguardias and Couchsleepians will end the way of all fast and floozy overnight celebrities -- you'll find them one day in the shadier end of town, high on crack (or possibly crap)! They'll be sniffing dirty butts and eating out of the garbage cans.

Take care, Masterownies! Take care!