Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Book Review

As I have stated before, I do not often write reviews of the books I have read or am currently reading; however, there are a few that capture my imagination and leave me feeling compelled to share my thoughts and ideas concerning the book at hand. One such book is, " Women of the Four Winds", by author Elizabeth Fagg Olds. The book compiles short biographies of four of America's first female explorers and is written in a straight-forward, enjoyable-to-read manner. "Women of the Four Winds" tells of Annie Smith Peck(1850-1935) and of her adventures in mountain climbing, of Delia J. Akeley(1875-1970) and her travels across Africa to collect big game specimens for American museums, as well as, living amid certain pygmy tribes. The book also includes Marguerite Harrison(1879-1967)(and my personal favorite) who became not only a reporter for the Baltimore Sun, but also a spy for America and was jailed in Russia because of it; and Louise Arner Boyd(1887-1972) who led seven scientific expeditions to the coast of Greenland. What makes these women even more remarkable is the era in which they conceived and carried out their respective adventures. While most women were still installed by the hearth, these four women stepped boldly out into the world of men and not only claimed pieces for themselves, but also trod where even most men were scared to go. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and recommend it not only to those admirers of strong women, but to anyone that fancies tales of daring and courage.

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