Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Essential Drinking Party...

Alright, I isn't exactly what the title implies. True there is some liquor involved, but it's more than just about drinks. My husband and I have begun weekly Saturday evening sessions of what we like to call our " drinking parties". This is a time when we make ourselves A drink, fire up our hookah, and settle in somewhere cozy for a long bout of discussion. We will talk about anything and everything...from philosophy, books, current events, personal memories, you name it...we discuss it. Our "drinking parties" have become a time when we can throw off the constraints of time and duty and just reconnect with each other. In all honesty, I do believe that it has served to strengthen our marriage even just a slight bit and I know that personally, I anticipate our Saturday evenings with a wholehearted gusto and appreciation. If you want to start your own "drinking parties"(no liquor required) then there are a few things you MUST do. 1) Turn off the T.V. and the phone(you aren't going to want any interruptions from those ends) 2) If you wish, throw on some of your favorite "smooth" music(jazz, classical...whatever floats your boat) 3) Pour out those libations(be it tea, coffee, or liquor) 4) Settle in somewhere you'll be able to sit with comfort( the couch makes an ideal spot, but your bed could be just as nice too) 5) Sit back and just enjoy each other's's really as simple as that. Remember your "drinking party" isn't about who can get drunk faster...rather it's about reconnecting with the ones you love!

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