Friday, March 13, 2009

Showing some love

I was feeling quite depressed and a bit angry, earlier, and had curled myself up on my bed for a good, long cry. My oldest dog, Bronson( that's him on the left), came over to me and wormed his way into my arms, forcing me to hold him. I cried into his fur for a bit, but the loving attention he was giving me made me stop and take notice of the ever amazing ability this small creature has to make me feel better. That led me to thinking about just how rich my life is because I am the guardian of these two precious animals. They drive me crazy sometimes, but they are also the goofiest two creatures(well besides my husband and myself) that I have ever encountered. When I'm not quite fast enough in giving Bronson his dinner, he has to let me know about it, by going around and opening the kitchen cabinet doors. Whenever we bring home bags from any store, he absolutely HAS to inspect each bag...just to make sure there aren't any goodies for him in any of them(and when there aren't he kinda gives you this look that almost says...."Um I think you forgot something there buddy...where's MY treats?!!!")He will chase a toy so hard that he'll slam head first into the door with the loudest of " THUNKS" and yet come trotting merrily back like nothing had happened at all. We can't forget about Pepper(the little princess on the right), she is just about the most prone to licking -you- to- death dog, that I have ever seen. She constantly has to be close to you and is always ready for a good play-fight. Sometimes, she could sit there for hours just nibbling on Bronson(who sits and takes it) if we didn't stop her. Oh and boy can she be picky sometimes..."Oh that isn't what I wanted to have in my dish.... well how can you expect Me to eat it". I love how, when we've been gone for a couple of hours and return, they greet us as though we'd been gone forever and they never expected us to come back. How can you help but feel wanted, when this little thing comes bounding up to you with so much excitement and enthusiam at your mere prescence? I am truly blessed to have these two great dogs in my life and it's heartwarming to know that even when I feel as if no one in the whole world cares about me, there will be these two, giving me unconditional love.

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