Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Finally Happened!

I'm still a bit fuzzy on the details and though I should have seen the evidence right before my eyes, it snuck up on me like a monkey ninja sneaks up on a banana split(believe me...they are sneaky little devils and so fast you only know they've been there by the one drop of chocolate ice cream they leave in the bottom of the bowl). My Memaw, my own precious little grandmother, has entered the technological world of the internet and email! It should have been a logical step, for me, from her desiring to play a few hands of computer solitaire to becoming savvy in the composition and sendability(yeah I know it probably isn't really a word, but work with me here)of emails, but I just didn't make that leap of progressive events. All shock and awe aside, I am thrilled to infinite pieces that she now has her own email address and we've already begun to exchange messages. She remarked this morning(and yes, I am still smiling and recovering from opening my emailbox and having a communique from my Memaw), that she was pleasantly surprised at how quickly messages could be sent back and forth and how much easier it was than sending actual pen-and-paper letters. I hope however, that she won't totally give up on the "old-fashioned" means of sending greetings because it has always made me feel so very special to receive a card or letter from her and I've always loved her handwriting. However, I do think her now having the knowledge and access to email will be a wonderful new tool that will allow us to keep in touch better.

My Memaw and I have always had a pretty special relationship, though sometime I'll have to tell you about my once ardent belief of how she and water should never meet, due to her melting and becoming nothing more than a puddle of grandmother. From my dad's seemingly constant search for a bigger and better means of familial financial support, we lived off and on with my grandparents(my dad's mother and father), several times in my life. Though I always saw her as a strict disciplinarian( looking back now I understand it was just from love and a desire for us to learn respect and manners), as I've grown older, she has truly become one of my best friends. My Memaw is the person I always turn to when I am most in need of some words of comfort, advice, or simply prayer. She is a woman of strong faith and I admire her tenacity, her wisdom, and her capacity for love. She never tries to sugar-coat anything, has a habit of telling you exactly what she thinks, and even when it annoys or rankles my feathers, I know she has my best interest at heart. And usually, she ends up being right( le sigh)! I love my Memaw more than words can say, so I am definitely, speechlessly thrilled that we now have one more way of connecting and sharing our lives!

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JD said...

How special that you and your grandmother can now communicate through the internet...Great picture of the two of you...