Monday, March 23, 2009

Our New Favorite Bookstore

A few posts ago I promised to talk about our new favorite bookstore/coffeeshop, and so now that I've got some pictures to go with the narrative, I guess should fulfill that promise. As you can see from the picture above, it's called Half Price Books and though it is a smallish chain store, what we love most about it is that each store is more or less an individual entity.
What makes each store unique is how they come by the majority of their stock. As a patron you can bring in an assortment of books, music, movies, comic books, magazines, even some puzzles and games and they'll pay you for them. They also get some overflow from printing companies and everything is very reasonably priced.
An example of just how great their prices ,is this weekend, my dear husband bought a role-playing book for about $20. What makes this great is that when you are even able to find the book, it'll normally run you anywhere from $50 to $60!

These were my selections(minus one magazine) and it'll all only cost me about $6! I love their clearance section and can get a few novels for about $1 !

If you want to get the best cup of coffee anywhere here in Corpus Christi, you HAVE to check out the coffeeshop located in the book store! They have two flavors of daily coffee(and they will all be from various parts of the world), each for under $2 for a large and half-priced refills on those. They also offer specialty coffees and my dear husband's and my personal favorite is the " Turkish Delight". Trust me...if you ever get down this way and happen to stop in...try it!!

The service is also excellent and the staff couldn't be nicer! I love their decor too and they have various national flags hung on the ceiling, mismatched tables and chairs, and travel photos on the walls. On Saturday evenings, that I know of, they have different local music groups come in and you never know what kind of music you'll get to hear. All in all I would have to say it's definitely become one of our favorite spots here in Corpus!


Joanne said...

Thanks for the bookstore tour. I'd imagine that in these times, they'll do a pretty good business as people look for ways to save and trim their budgets. If I'm ever in the area, you'll definitely find me sitting at that cafe! Looks charming!

Literary Nut said...

Yes, it's a great way for us to still get the books we crave(we're certified bibliophiles) and not have to worry that we're going to break the bank.