Thursday, April 30, 2009

Getting ready for a Welcome Home!!

It never fails to surprise me at where and when inspiration can hit you. As some of you are aware, the dear husband has been away at school for awhile now and I have missed him terribly. Obviously with only about a week left till he is supposed to come home, I am feeling a rising tide of impatience, excitement, a smudge of confusion, and overwhelming joy. As the time has begun to draw closer for his return, I have been wracking my brain trying to think up various things that I could do to make his homecoming memorable. So as I strolled through the bookstore the other day, this little gift box drew my attention and I went over to investigate. The raffia tied box had a hula girl plastered to the front and promised that the music and pages inside could teach you how to hula. Thinking it might be something fun to try, I snagged it up and came home with it and a few other purchases. That's when it hit me...why not throw a little luau party! Even if it would be just the dear husband, our dogs, and would be fun and definitely not something that he would be expecting. After a discussion with my grandmother(who was also a military wife) and one with my mother, I knew that I'd hit on just the right idea. So today, I set out in quest for just the right decorations and touches to make this luau work. As you can clearly see it was mission accomplished and I am so giddy about the whole idea that I'm having trouble to not continually take things out and look at them. If only there were words that could begin to compare with the excitement and enthusiasm I am feeling...then I could somehow convey these overwhelming sensations. I feel almost as if we are back at the beginning of our courtship and am flooded with the desire and happiness that comes with knowing that you've just found your true love. It may sound so very silly to some of you, but this time apart has made me so much more appreciative of the wonderful and amazing man that I have been blessed to be married to.
With all that in mind, I decided that I wanted to do something new to my hair and try to spruce it up, so I went and had highlights put in. I think it's adorable and the picture truly doesn't do it justice. So ladies and gents...the countdown has begun in earnest! Just about a week left till my dear husband is home and we finally get to be together again. You've no idea how much I can't wait!!

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