Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Spring Smiles

Stretching, yawning, stumbling, I shuffled to the back-door to let the dogs out for their sunrise tour of the yard. Bleary-eyed and with bed-ruffled hair, I let my half-awake gaze roam over the lay of the land and felt a jolt of giddiness surge through me when I looked to my right and, where the night before had been nothing but a quaint little dirt bed, there was now these vibrant,fragile stalks of sown grass. I had given up my hopes that the grass seed I had so loving planted would ever come to fruition, but there they were...as beautiful and fresh as a newly minted dollar bill. Even if the grass has only pushed it's shiny tendrils into a small area...it still brings a spring smile to my heart and a word of thanks to my lips.

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Carmen Gamble said...

A reminder to appreciate every little wonder today and every day!