Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday Wonders

I've got a confession to make...instead of cleaning the downstairs like I should have done, I decided to throw responsiblity to the wind and do some shopping! My first stop was to our wonderful local bookstore where I found some great deals(and something for my next giveaway) and got a cup of the best coffee around. Then I meandered over to World Market and that's where I found some even more amazing bargains! I was able to pick up this adorable woven, outdoor rug for around $20. They had them in a decent color variety, but I chose the green edged one for a nice compliment to the red table cloth and because it also matched the chic pillows I also purchased.
Speaking of the pillows, aren't these just too cute?! They were on sale for 50% off and I couldn't resist! They scream spring and summer to me and at $7.50 much of a bargain to pass up.

I've been so lucky to have found all these great pieces that add up to making quite the outdoor retreat. The dear husband and I are going to have a wonderful place to escape to all summer long and we won't even have to leave our own backyard! Truly some Wednesday wonders!

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Joanne said...

I totally "get" your forgetting the cleaning to do that kind of shopping. I love my backyard, and love making it my haven, a place to linger, a small garden, comfortable chairs, a birdbath. I hope you have a wonderful summer in your oasis!