Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just a bragging day....

I guess this entry is going to be a bit of bragging for me. I haven't really been around much lately because I've actually developed a bit of an active social life!! Imagine a social life!! Amazing!! It's kinda funny how it took my husband being away to get me out of my shell and to push myself into meeting new people and trying new things that before would have sent me running in terror! Guess that's just learning how to be a tad self-reliant and a means to keep myself from the insanity of loneliness! This is one of my new friends, Julie, and we took this on Easter. She was down here visiting her sister Christina, whose fastly becoming a valuable and trusted friend. Both ladies are sweet, amazing, and joyful people to be around! I'll have to try to snag a photo of Christina and I sometime soon and seeing as we are going to become each other's work-out buddies, it won't be long till we'll both be looking pretty svelte!!
Okay so the dear husband and I have been wanting some patio furniture for the longest time and I found a great deal on this cute table and chair set at Wal-Mart, so I splurged a little and got it as a surprise for my husband when he comes home. Let me tell was just a ball of fun to try to put together....but hey...I did it!! LOL! Now we've all just gotta hope and pray the few missing nuts and bolts won't matter...>.<


Dr Zibbs said... beautiful table setting.

Literary Nut said...

Thank-you very much for your kind words:)