Wednesday, January 14, 2009

An Adventure In The Making

So tomorrow morning, early tomorrow morning,
I have a flight to go to Chicago. I'm flying out because I'm going to help my best friend to drive out here for the weekend, so that we can hang out and go to NYC and do other things here, before I move at the end of the month. To be perfectly honest....I am almost terrified!! I'm trying though to remind myself that this is going to be an adventure and I know that I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I let the opportunity pass me by. I mean, I don't see my best friend often enough and for us to get to hang out together and then go to NYC(like I've always wanted to)...well I would have been living like I don't want to. This does take me totally out of my comfort zone and if you knew me and understood'd understand just how big that actually is! I'm not good at all with anything that takes me out of my normal, day to day fact I do everything I can to avoid it like the plague. That's not the way that I want to live anymore is too short and to not take chances, to not LIVE...well I just can't accept that anymore. So keep your fingers crossed, say a little prayer, and wish me luck!

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