Thursday, January 22, 2009

I was thinking the other day....if I could pick an era that I would like to visit...which one would it be?? I thought about it for awhile and being a big history was hard to pick just one time, but for this instance, I settled on the 1920's. What attracts me the most about it is, women first getting the right to vote. Not to mention, some of the other "social freedoms" that we take forgranted today. Such as...cutting their hair, wearing shorter dresses, even being able to drink and smoke in public. It was a time when women seemed to be able to finally have a measure of independance. It seems almost like an awakening. The women that fought for equal rights and getting to vote...the ones that blazed this trail were strong, spirited, great women. I wish that I could go back and say thank-you for not being afraid to stand up and demand recognition for being the equal of any man.

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