Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Do I have enough Hair left for this???

Okay, so I've started to really try and buckle down and start getting the house clean and ready for our final housing inspection. Let me just say...I think we maybe totally screwed! I've only managed to get the bathroom in the masterbedroom anywhere near what I think will pass and...well, we are quickly running out of time. I know it's my fault for not starting sooner....I guess I just really wasn't paying quite as close of attention to time as I should have. And if that wasn't enough...we still aren't sure if we will have movers here ready on the 27th or if we are going to have to...last minute rent a truck and pack everything ourselves! I'm trying not to lose hope and not to get really stressed, but well...obviously it isn't working. the end we still have no place to call our new home, we may have no movers, and I just know it's going to cost us money on the housing here....Lord...HELP!!!!

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