Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So Tonight, I tried my hand at making a Moroccan-style roasted chicken and a Moroccan raw carrot salad. I actually made the salad yesterday to let all the spices and other flavors soak into the carrots. I also threw my chicken into brine overnight and let me tell you...if you are ever going to make a roast chicken....brine it first!! It was the most tender, juicy roast chicken I have ever had! Next time I might actually throw in some spices in the brine to see how that turns out. Anyways, once the chicken was done, I quickly made some coucous and let me just say....it was one of the best meals the hubby and I have had in a long time! He said we definitely have to make it again! We've decided to try to be a little more adventurous where food is concerned and at least twice a month pick out a new ethnic food to try. I think we're going for either Indian or French next time. Who knows...we may end up being foodies yet!!

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