Monday, January 26, 2009

We just got a call from the people who are going to be packing up our belongings tomorrow. They'll be here at 7a.m. and as much as I don't want it to, it's all starting to become real to me. I feel so unprepared for this move and every nerve-ending in my body is in rampant rebellion! Neither my husband, nor myself, actually want this move, but when you are in the military you have to go when and where they send you. I think my husband and I have been doing everything we can to avoid the reality of the whole mess and now here it is...staring us blankly in the face and we can't hide our heads in the sand anymore. I know moving is something that almost everyone faces at least once in their lives and that, for the most part no one likes, but it feels like each time we do, it gets harder and harder. I moved almost constantly, growing up, and sometimes we were never in one place more than 6 months to a year. I also know that my husband is in the wrong occupation to exactly expect to be able to put down roots, but I crave stability. I have an almost obsessive compulsion for sameness and order and when the least little thing throws that off...well it, quite literally, almost completely destroys me. Right now, I want nothing more than to curl up into a ball and scream for everyone to just leave me be. However, I can't do that...I've got to force down my disgust and get up and see to it that everything gets done properly. Have I mentioned that I HATE moving??!!

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