Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A minor miracle has occurred! I am up, at this hour, and though I couldn't claim full brain function, I'm at least somewhat cognisant. Those terrible invaders(alright it's just the packers) have arrived and I'm sitting in my bedroom, "hiding" with my dogs(thanks honey for dealing with them). Oh what I wouldn't give to be all snuggly in my bed right now! I was up till late hours last night trying to get some last minute things taken care of...so I'm just downright, out-and-out tired, not to mention, feeling a bit resentful at having people in my house, touching my things. I'd love to hole up here and just hibernate the rest of the winter! But fate has other plans for us and I'll be leaving my quaint little home here and striking out for parts unknown...yay! I guess though, I really am looking at this from all the wrong angles...it is going to be an adventure and hey in the next day or two, I'm going to get to sleep in a nice hotel where I don't have to make the bed!

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